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Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Created for a faculty inquiry group project on UDL.

UDL Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG), 2015-16

Chara Powell, x4446                     Grace Hanson, x5640   
Professor, Psychology                  Dean, Disabled Student Programs & Services  

Shiloh Blacksher, x4875
Professor, Psychology

Hong Guo, x6490
Professor, Library

Spring 2016 Flex Day Presentation

Grace Hanson, Shiloh Blacksher, and Chara Powell conducted a breakout session presentation on "Universal Design and Student Equity" on Spring 2016 Flex Day. 

How the FIG Was Born?

Knowing she and her staff couldn't do it alone, Grace Hanson began floating the idea of a Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG) last academic year and presented the idea to participants at the 2015 Parachutes and Ladders Conference and again at the New Faculty Seminar.  Shiloh Blacksher and Chara Powell, expressed interest in late October.  

  • Late Fall 2015: Chara, Shiloh, and Grace began meeting about the possible FIG project.  
  • Winter 2016: Library Faculty Hong Guo expressed interest and joined the FIG. 
  • Funding for the FIG didn't actually begin until Spring 2016.  Nonetheless, this workhorse FIG, began their work long before that.  

With future funding for FIGs unknown at this time, it is not certain how the next steps to implementation will take place, but the universal design movement at Mt. SAC will continue to charge forward. 

FIG Files

In Spring 2016 the UDL FIG conducted a revised campus wide all-faculty survey, and presented their findings at the 2014-16 FIGs Outcomes Meeting on June 2, 2016.