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Latina/o/x and Chicana/o/x American Studies (LCAS)

A guide to resources for researching Latinx and Chicanx Studies

What this guide can help you with

LCAS courses will begin to be offered in Fall 2022. However, students may be researching topics about Latinos or Chicanos for many different courses at the College. This guide is intended to help students no matter what course they are enrolled in who are researching a LCAS topic, but may be a good resource for students enrolled in the following courses taught at Mt. SAC:

  • LCAS 1 Intro to Chicanx Studies: An introductory survey to disciplinary analysis of the historical, socio-political, economic, educational, cultural experiences, conditions, and influence related to the Chicanx population in the United States. This course examines key topics such as: Colonization, racialization, ethnicity, indigeneity, internal colonialism, sovereignty, (im)migration, citizenship, discrimination, assimilation, stratification, resistance, liberation movements, self-determination, creative and cultural production, and the intersection of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual identities.
  • LCAS 25  Latino Politics in the United States: Latino (the group identified as Hispanic by the U.S. Census) political thought and action and how it is influenced and shaped by American institutions such as national, state, and local governments, federal and state constitutions, and United States Supreme Court decisions.

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