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Latina/o/x and Chicana/o/x American Studies (LCAS)

A guide to resources for researching Latinx and Chicanx Studies

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Because LCAS is an interdisciplinary field, there won't be one section of the library's shelves you can visit to find all of the LCAS books. You will find them throughout our book stacks depending on the lens through which the book is written, for example, history, psychology, sociology, fine arts, communication, etc.

Looking for books? Use OneSearch to find books we have here in the library and online. Most of our physical books are located on the main floor of the Mt. SAC library. FAQs

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The library welcomes suggestions for library materials from any member of the Mt. SAC community. All submissions will be reviewed by a librarian for relevance to the library’s collection in terms of curricular connection, available funding, and origin of the suggestion.

Finding Books by Latinx Authors

Latinx Authors in our Books Collection (list in progress)

Note: This list is not exhaustive but is intended as a helpful finding aid. Affiliations are taken from descriptions written by the authors themselves or their own publicity materials, when possible. Some authors write both fiction and non-fiction, but were only included in one list--either the genre the Mt. SAC library owned of their work in or their primary writing style.

Non-Fiction Authors:

  • Jennifer De Leon, Guatemalan American

Fiction Authors in the Mt. SAC Library Collection:

  • Julia Álvarez, Dominican American
  • Rodolfo Anaya, Chicano
  • Gloria Anzaldúa, Chicana
  • Joseph Cassara, Puerto Rican and Sicilian
  • Sandra Cisneros, Mexican American
  • Anthony Cody, Mexican American
  • Eduardo Corral, Mexican American
  • Jaime Cortez, Chicano
  • Nilo Cruz, Cuban American
  • Jaquira Díaz, Puerto Rican
  • Juliana Delgado Lopera, Colombian
  • Patricia Engel, Colombian American
  • Alex Espinoza, Mexican
  • Kali Fajardo-Anstine, Mixed
  • Gabriela Garcia, Cuban and Mexican American
  • Francisco Goldman, Guatemalan American
  • Rigoberto González, Chicano
  • Xochitl Gonzalez, Puerto Rican
  • Virginia Grise, Chinese-Mexican
  • Myriam Gurba, Mexican American
  • Claudia D. Hernández, Guatemalan
  • Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, Mexican
  • Tomas Moniz, White and Chicano
  • Demetria Martínez, Chicana
  • Alejandro Morales, Chicano
  • Xavier Navarro Aquino, Puerto Rican
  • Sigrid Nuñez, German and Chinese Panamanian American
  • José Olivarez, Mexican American
  • Jose Olivas, Chicano
  • Judith Ortíz-Cofer, Puerto Rican
  • Ernesto Quiñonez, Ecuadorian American
  • Reyes Ramirez, Mexican American and Salvadorian American
  • José Antonio Rodríguez, Chicano
  • Esmeralda Santiago, Puerto Rican
  • Gary Soto, Mexican American
  • Vincent Toro, Boricua
  • Michael Torres, Mexican American
  • Sergio Troncoso, Mexican American
  • Kirstin Valdez Quade, White and Hispanic