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Faculty Resources at the Library: Library Equity/Outreach Services

This guide provides an overview of Mt.SAC Library services and resources for faculty.

Library Student Equity Outreach

Picture of Eva Rios-AlvaradoMt. SAC librarian-led student equity and outreach strives to reach all students particularly student equity populations defined in the College Student Equity Master Plan.

To get involved review Mt. SAC Library Student Equity or contact 

Eva Rios-Alvarado   x5694


What is a Pop Up Library?

Mt. SAC Pop-up Libraries directly reach students outside of the library. Activities are done at Pop-up Library to engage students, so they will come directly to the library in the future. Students can ask research questions, feel supported on their terms, and learn about the latest events, services, and resources. 

What are the student benefits?

  • Empower students where they are
  • Transfer learned skills and use them at the library
  • Connect with a librarian first, then to the library

How do I find Pop-up Libraries on campus? 

You can find our locations each term on the Library's Calendar

What is an embedded librarian?

Mt. SAC Library Embedded Librarians support students with face-to-face library research at a center/program on campus.

What are the student benefits?

  • Empower students where they are.
  • Connect with a librarian for tailored research assistance at a center program.
  • Develop research skills for student success.

How do I partner with this service?

         By contacting  Eva Rios-AlvaradoStudent Equity & Outreach Librarian, x5694

Outreach Images Gallery

Facebook posting image

1st Library Welcomes Days 2017, facebook post

Students connecting to Mt. SAC Library at Welcome Days, March 2017

Student Ambassadors at Library Welcome Days 2017

Spring 2017 Library Welcome Days

Mt. SAC Library celebrates poetry month

Mt. SAC Library celebrates poetry month 2017

SONA , Student music club

SONA Club showcases student music at poetry month event.

Student performer at poetry event 2017

Estela Mora, student performs at poetry event 2017

Poetry Month Spring 2017 - Growing display

Librarians setting up display

Librarians Jared Burton and Emily Woolery display making for Freedom of Information Month 2017.

Librarian Sandy Krause juggles at pop-up library - Spring 2017

Student freedback data word cloud

Linda at Pop-up Library at B9C

2016 Student Equity Outreach, Linda at Pop-up Library at B9C

Student freedback data word cloud

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