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Diversity Education: Home

"Diversity education is a challenging task that requires specific knowledge and training...that all faculty and staff should develop to support student development within a safe, affirming environment." D. Scott Thorp (DePaul University)

Why Diversity Education?

        Diversity Includes Everyone

Primary dimensions of diversity, such as a person's age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and physical abilities or qualities, are powerful in shaping a person, and mostly unchangeable.

Secondary dimensions such as education, income, marital or parental status, education, religion, income, military experience, or geographic location are also important in shaping us but we have a degree of flexibility in determining their roles in our lives.

As stated in the Student Equity Plan, Mt. SAC has focused on addressing the needs of under-representated and under-served students for two decades.

This LibGuide provides some resources for increasing our understanding of diversity issues that reflect the make-up of our students and colleagues in the Mt. SAC Family.

Source: An Overview of Diversity Awareness

Source: Mt. Sac Student Equity Plan