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Library Research Workshops: Need-to-Knows about Library Workshops & Tours

Library Workshop program descriptions, schedule, and online sign-up form.

Take a Library Workshop

SIGN UP for an ON-CAMPUS Workshop | SIGN UP for ZOOM workshop

See the workshop schedule.

Learn about the self-paced workshops you can take any time through Canvas.

If you attended an on campus workshop, print your workshop history to provide proof of completion to your professor.

If you attended a Zoom workshop, print your workshop history to provide proof of completion to your professor.

If you completed a workshop in Canvas, proof of completion is emailed after you take the quizzes and submit the assignment. Be sure to include your email address and click "send me a copy of my responses" toward the bottom of your assignment so you receive your proof of completion. 

For the live sessions: To request ACCESS-related accommodations, please contact the division office at least 5 days in advance. (909) 274 - 4244

Library Research Workshops

We are offering our workshops in four ways.

Choice 1: All Mt. SAC students can take workshops on campus in the library! Click here to sign up for an on-campus workshop.

Choice 2: All Mt. SAC students can take live workshops online through Zoom. Click here to sign up for a live online workshop, or click here if you want to watch a video on how to sign up.  After you sign up, watch for an email with information and a link to your online session (see video on how to find the Zoom link for the live workshop).

Choice 3: All Mt. SAC students can take self-paced library workshops in Canvas any time. We offer the Developing Research Topics workshop, the Finding and Evaluating Articles workshop, and the Finding and Evaluating Books workshops that you can sign up for and take right away here. Watch this video on that page for detailed instructions on how to get started in a self-paced workshop at any time.

Choice 4: Mt. SAC professors can schedule research sessions for your classes on campus or through Zoom. Use this form to request a library research workshop for your synchronous class. 


Improve your search results and learn how to find the sources that you need by attending research workshops! Our workshops that focus on how to research include:


Do I need to sign up?

For the on-campus workshops, signing up guarantees you a spot, but drop-ins are welcome.                                                                                  

two females using a desktop computerHow do I sign up?

For on-campus and Zoom workshops, use this sign-up form.  

How do I attend a self-paced workshop online any time?

Visit this page to learn more about the self-paced online workshops and how to take them.

The self-paced workshops can be taken any time. 

When are the workshops?

You will see the times/dates for the live online workshops when you login to the signup form. You can also check this schedule. 


Where are the workshops?

The on-campus workshops are in the library. The confirmation message will include the room number. 

For the self-paced online workshops that you can take any time, see this page

How long are the workshops?

The workshops are about 75 minutes. (You can take an online self-paced workshop too.)

How do I provide proof to my professor that I completed a workshop?
For On-Campus and Zoom Workshops

Login to the same form where you signed up and click on your appointment history. The appointment history page shows the workshops that you signed up for and if you've completed them. Print this page, save it as a PDF, take a screenshot, etc., to use as proof of completion for your professor. Ask your professors if they have a preference. 

What if I'm late? 

If you miss 15 minutes or more of the on-campus workshops, you may not get credit for the workshop. 

If you are taking the self-paced online workshop in Canvas, you don't need to worry about being late or missing anything. You can come in and out of that workshop at your own pace. 

Who are the workshops for?

Workshops are designed for currently enrolled Mt. SAC students.

Are there other classes or workshops? 
  • We offer 1-unit and 3-unit credit classes which are UC and CSU transferable. Look for LIBR 1 and LIBR 1A in the class schedule.
  • The Finding and Evaluating Articles workshop, Finding and Evaluating Books workshop, and Developing Research Topics workshop are also available through Canvas. See the online workshops page for more information. 


English 1A: Maria Estrada. Research Journal.

Sign Up Now

Sign up for an on-campus workshop. 

If you would like a self-paced option that you can take any time, see the online workshop page. Self-paced options are available through Canvas. 

Questions? Ask a librarian online.

Proof of Attendance

For the on-campus and Zoom workshops, the appointment/workshop history page is your proof of completion. Professors usually accept a printout, PDF, or screenshot of that page. 

For the self-paced workshops offered through Canvas, you will receive your proof of completion in your email once you complete the research practice activity. You must include your email address on that activity form in order to receive proof of completion via email. 

Give Feedback

Go to the workshop feedback form.