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Library Research Workshops: Online Workshops

Library Workshop program descriptions, schedule, and online sign-up form.

Online Workshops

Need some flexibility in your schedule or just prefer online self-paced learning? Try the online version of the Finding and Evaluating Articles workshop or the Finding and Evaluating Books workshop.


Watch the video below to learn about the online workshops and how to enroll. Our online workshops are offered through Canvas which is the system that Mt. SAC uses for its online courses. If you've never used Canvas before, don't worry. We provide a lot of instructions and help throughout the workshops. 


The video shows how to enroll yourself in the workshops. 


The links to enroll in and access the online workshops are below the video. 



Ready to take the Finding and Evaluating Articles workshop online?

Need to Know

What if I want to take the workshops on campus instead of online?

All of our workshops are offered face-to-face on campus. See the workshop homepage for more information. You can also open this calendar to see which face-to-face workshops held on campus match your schedule. 

Which workshops are available online?

Currently, only the Finding and Evaluating Articles workshop and the Finding and Evaluating Books workshops are available online.

How do I take the online workshop?

We are using the self-enrollment feature in Canvas. See the steps to take to enroll yourself in the video toward the top of this page. (The printable guide is being updated.) 

What kind of equipment do I need to take the workshops online?

You'll need a computer or device with an Internet connection and a PDF reader if you want the guides and summaries. Most computers come pre-installed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, but click here if you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you can watch YouTube videos on your computer/device, the workshop videos will work. All videos are captioned. You'll need headphones or speakers if you want to listen to the videos. 

How will I receive proof that I completed the online workshop to give to my professor?

For the online workshops, you will receive an email message to the email address that you provide on your assignment. Be sure to write your correct email address and follow the instructions for submitting the assignment. 

What if I have questions about the workshops?

Call the Library Information Desk at 909.274.4289. Or if you are already enrolled in an online workshop, login to Canvas and click on "Help" on the far left side. Then click on "Ask your instructor a question." 

Take the Online Workshop

To learn about the online workshops and how to get started, watch the video to the left.

To enroll in the online Finding and Evaluating Articles workshop, click here.

To enroll in the online Finding and Evaluating Books workshop, click here.

Watch the video on the left to see how to enroll yourself.