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Library Research Workshops: Need-to-Knows about Library Workshops & Tours

Library Workshop program descriptions, schedule, and online sign-up form.

The Workshops, Library Tours, and Zombie Outbreak

Improve your search results and learn how to find the sources that you need by attending research workshops! Our workshops that focus on how to research include:

  • Developing Research Topics [Pro Tip! Take this workshop in the early stages of your research process while you're still exploring topic ideas!]
  • Finding and Evaluating Books [Also available online.]
  • Finding and Evaluating Articles [Also available online.]
  • Evaluating Websites

Just want to get to know the library? Take a Library Tour or try our new Zombie Outbreak! 

Sessions are offered at various times throughout the semester to accommodate students' busy schedules. Check out the schedule for the last 4 weeks of Winter Session

Click here to sign up for a workshop, tour, or the Zombie Outbreak now


Do I need to sign up?

Yes, if you want a guaranteed spot. Drop-in students are welcome, but priority is given to registered students.

two females using a desktop computerHow do I sign up?

Use this online form to sign up
See the last page of the workshop calendar if you would like to see step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for an on-campus workshop. 

Will I receive an email confirming my reservation?

No, but you will receive a reminder phone call for the on-campus sessions. You can login and click on "view or cancel appointments" to see which on-campus sessions you are signed up for at any time. You can also print out the confirmation page that appears at the end of the on-campus session sign-up process. 


When are the workshops, tours, and Zombie Outbreaks?

Sessions have been scheduled at various times throughout the semester. Check out the workshop schedule for the last four weeks of Winter Session.

Where are the workshops, tours and Zombie Outbreaks?

Research workshops are held in the Library, room 238.

Tours start at the Library Information Desk. 

Zombie Outbreaks start outside at the entrance of the Library. If it's raining, the Zombie Outbreak will start at the Library Information Desk. 

How long are the workshops, tours, and Zombie Outbreaks?

Research workshops are 75 minutes. You usually will have time to search for sources on your own topics. 

Tours are 30 minutes. 

Zombie Outbreaks are 60 minutes. 

What should I bring?

Bring something to write with and your research assignment (if you have one) to the research workshops. 

How do I provide proof to my professor that I completed a workshop?

The last page of the workshop calendar provides step-by-step information on how to print out proof of your on-campus workshop completion. For online workshops, your proof of completion is emailed to you so sure to follow the assignment instructions in order to receive your email message. 

What if I'm late? 

If you are late, you may lose your seat to a drop-in student and you may not receive credit. Students who miss 15 minutes or more do not receive credit for the research workshops.

Who are the workshops, tours, and Zombie Outbreaks for?

Workshops, tours, and Zombie Outbreaks are designed for currently enrolled Mt. SAC students.

Are there other classes or workshops? 
  • We offer 1-unit and 3-unit credit classes which are UC and CSU transferable. Look for LIBR 1 and LIBR 1A in the class schedule.
  • The Finding and Evaluating Articles workshop and the Finding and Evaluating Books workshop are also available online. See the online workshops page for more information. 

Sign Up Now

Login to the online sign up form to sign up for an on-campus workshop. 

See the online workshop page for information about the online workshops.

Stop by the library Information Desk or call 909.274.4289 if you have questions.

Print Your Proof of Attendance

Login here to print proof that you completed an on-campus workshop or tour.

Then click on "view history." Print your history to provide your instructor with proof of completion.

For online workshops, see the last page of the workshop calendar for instructions. 


Give Feedback

Go to the workshop feedback form.