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Library Online Resources for Faculty

This guide outlines the library resources and services that we offer to all faculty including content that can be integrated into Canvas


In Canvas, Films On Demand is integrated into the tools on a content page (See the example below), but going directly to the database from the library, you will have more options to browse and search. 

Films On Demand in Canvas

Open a Canvas Page 

1. Click the Films On Demand Icon

Canvas page with Films on Demand App

2. Type in the title or keywords to locate the video you want to embed, click “embed” for the video you select (Embed Small is shown below):

Films On Demand search and results box


3. Save your page:

Content page in Canvas with embedded Films on Demand Video


1. Click "Share" under the video you want to use

  Kanopy streaming video

2. Select "Embed", copy the embed code

Embed code for a Kanopy video

3. In Canvas, open a content page, click on "HTML Editor"

HTML Editor in Canvas content page

4. Paste the embed code and save

Embedded Kanopy video in Canvas