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ProQuest Research Companion: About

This guide explains how to create a free account, and how to track and report progress in ProQuest Research Companion, a database that offers online information literacy tutorials.

What is it?

ProQuest Research Companion logo

guides you through the research process. The learning modules are structured as nine commonly asked research questions. They provide a foundation and context for finding, evaluating, and using information. 

Who to ask for help? Ask a librarian at the Information Desk, call (909) 274-4289, or chat with a Librarian 24/7.

How to get started?

PQRC log in / create account page

Click image above to access ProQuest Research Companion (PQRC)

For off-campus access, log in with your portal username & password first.

Create a free account to start tracking your progress.

How to track and report progress?

My Assessment

After you logged in and completed some work: 

  1. Click the downward arrow next to your name in the upper right corner
  2. Click “My Assessment” to display the report.
  3. Right click, and select Print (or use keyboard shortcut ctl + p) to print the page.

Email report directly is not available.