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AmLa and ESL: Welcome AmLa and ESL

Mt. SAC Library resources that may be of interest to AmLa and ESL students.


What does the library have to help people practice English? 

students looking at books in the library

The library has many books including leveled readers, popular books, and classic books.

We also have audiobooks that you can listen to anywhere.

We have many movies in English and other languages. 

Where are the books for English language learners? 
Most of the books written for English language learners are in the 428 section of the library. More books about writing and reading for college students are in the 808 section of the library.


How do you borrow a book or other library materials? 
You need your Mt. SAC I.D. to borrow books and other materials from the Library.

How do you know if a book is good for your reading level? 
Ask your AmLa or ESL professor for suggestions or examples. The librarian can help you find those books or similar books.

If you need leveled readers, the library has more than 100 books in the Oxford Bookworms series and Penguin leveled reader series. (See a list of leveled readers.)

Where is the library? 
The library is in Building 6. The entrance is on the north side of the building. (See campus map.)

How can I get help? 
Ask a librarian! Librarians are at the Information Desk in the library. Librarians are also available online.