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National Poetry Month: National Poetry Month

This guide was created to celebrate National Poetry Month in April.

How to Make Newspaper Blackout Poetry

How to Make a Visual Poem

How to Write Book Spine Poetry

How to Make Found Poetry

There are lots of different ways to create found poetry, check out the videos below for some ideas!

What is National Poetry Month?

Launched by the Academy of American Poets in April 1996, National Poetry Month reminds the public that poets have an integral role to play in our culture and that poetry matters. Over the years, it has become the largest literary celebration in the world, with tens of millions of readers, students, K–12 teachers, librarians, booksellers, literary events curators, publishers, families, and, of course, poets, marking poetry's important place in our lives. In 2021, the Academy of American Poets looks forward to celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of this annual celebration!

Find more information and resources at the Academy of American Poets Website or check out one of the following:

April 29 Poem in Your Pocket Day

30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month At Home or Online

Write a Renga or Exquisite Corpse With Your Friends

Dear Poet 2021

Watch other videos from the "Dear Poet 2021" series on YouTube.

Listen to Poetry Read Aloud

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Audio Poem of the Day: Audio recordings of classic and contemporary poems read by poets and actors.

Poetry Out Loud: Distinguished actors and poets read and talk about poetry.

Guide to collections of audio recordings of poets reading and discussing their work from the Library of Congress and other Websites.

David Bowie's Cut Up Technique

Become a Slam Poet in Five Easy Steps

2024 National Poetry Month Poster

2024 National Poetry Month Poster

Submit Your Work!

Submit your poems to be included in our slideshow below! Use whatever poetry creating techniques you like and submit an image of your poem to librarian Jamie,

Mt SAC Poets Slideshow