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Student Equity Outreach Toolkit: Welcome! Mt. SAC Library Outreach Toolkit

The Student Equity & Outreach Toolkit is meant to support and empower student equity librarians. After reviewing this toolkit you will be able to:

  • Understand Mt. SAC philosophies, expectations, standards, and perform effective outreach.
  • Articulate how to support students who require student equity interventions to be successful.
  • Contextualize, incorporate, and demonstrate Library Student Equity Team collaboration values. 
  • Demonstrate expectations and frameworks as a representative outside of the library.

Project Management & Tracking Links

Basecamp - project management

Smartsheets - record keeping

  • IC Tracker Form
  • Outreach Stats Form 
  • Student Feedback Forms

Understanding Mt. SAC Philosphies

College Mission

The mission of Mt. San Antonio College is to support all students in achieving their educational goals in an environment of academic excellence. Specifically, the College is committed to providing quality education, services, and workforce training so that students become productive members of a diverse, sustainable, global society. The College pledges to prepare students for lifelong learning through the mastery of basic skills, the achievement of associate degrees and certificates, and the completion of career and transfer pathways.  The College will carry out this commitment by providing an engaging and supportive teaching and learning environment for students of diverse origins, experiences, needs, abilities, and goals.  The College is dedicated to serving our community through improving economic achievement, advancing civic engagement, enhancing personal well-being, promoting critical thinking, and enriching aesthetic and cultural experiences.

College Core Values

  • Integrity:  We treat each other honestly, ethically, and respectfully in an atmosphere of trust.
  • Equity and Diversity:  We respect and welcome all differences, and we foster equal opportunity to succeed throughout the campus community.
  • Community Building:  We work in responsible partnerships through open communication, caring, and a cooperative spirit.
  • Student Focus:  We address the needs of students and the community both in our planning and in our actions.
  • Lifelong Learning:  We promote the continuing pursuit of high educational goals through equal access to excellence in both teaching and support services.
  • Positive Spirit:  We work harmoniously, show compassion, and take pride in our work.
  • Effective Stewardship:  We sustain and improve the institution and environment by efficiently using resources of time, talent, facilities, and funding.

Mt. SAC Library Mission

The Mt. San Antonio College Library supports student success through knowledgeable and effective instruction and service to students, faculty, and staff by educating them to use appropriate resources and technologies for teaching and learning and by providing access to a comprehensive collection that supports the College’s curricula and that serves the needs of our diverse college community.

Mt. SAC Library Goals

  • Instruction: Strengthen information competency instruction for all students as well as fulfilling the Student Equity Plan to provide information competency instruction for targeted student demographics.
  • Reference: Provide instruction-based reference services to support users' educational and research needs.
  • Collection Development: Develop the library collections on a continuous basis to support the college curriculum and life-long learning goals through the effective management and acquisition of materials and ongoing consultation and collaboration with discipline experts.
  • Outreach: Inform the College community about Library services, collections, and curriculum.
  • Research and Discovery: Provide a technologically supported integrated interface to enhance the student experience for discovery and access to library and vendor resources that fulfill student educational and research needs.
  • Cultural Diversity and Competency: Utilize the framework of the Diversity Standards: Cultural Competency for Academic Libraries (2012) to address the complexities of serving and instructing diverse user populations and to transform the organization to reflect a dedication to culturally competent user-centered practice.

Library Student Equity Outreach Goals (2016 to Present) 

Goal 1. Increase awareness of Mt. SAC Library information competency workshops through outreach.

Goal 2. Provide alternative information competency library engagement through strategic outreach actions. (Engagement actions: 1. Embedded Librarian at specific centers and programs on campus 2. Pop-up Library 3. Campus Event Outreach).


See the Fall 2016 Student Equity Strategy for more details about Library Student Equity. 

Everyone. Each person in the Library Department plays a role in student equity work. 

Library SE Team

Library faculty leaders include both part-time and full-time library faculty.The Student Equity Team is the planning body who creates and does library student equity work at Mt. SAC. Planning and outreach work is based on professional considerations, library student equity findings, relevant data, and direction from the Dean, Associate Dean, and Library Department Chair. All librarians are welcome to join and have an equal voice in collaboration and planning. Eva Rios-Alvarado, Student Equity & Outreach Librarian leads, directs, and manages all projects related to B.10 activities in the Mt. SAC Student Equity Master Plan. Eva is the lead contact to the Library Student Equity Team.  

Mt. SAC Library student equity outreach is defined as identifying barriers, creating interventions based on population indicators, and the use of librarian expertise to provide equitable experiences, to students to persist and succeed in their academic endeavors. In our philosophy, delivering quality and conscious student equity outreach to the campus will inevitably help all students succeed. Engagement action 1 is providing Pop-up Libraries to the campus. Engagement action 2 is providing Embedded Librarians at student equity focused centers and programs on campus. Read the Fall 2016 Student Equity Strategy to learn more.

Pop-up Library

The purpose of Pop-up Library is to organically engage with students at high-traffic locations where they are likely to be. An added benefit will be to do counter outreach for SSSPs and centers, by identifying equity population students and connect them to equity related services.

Short-term & Long-term Outcomes

• Empower students where they are

• Transfer learned skills and use them at the library

• Connect with a librarian first, then to the library

Embedded Librarian

Embedded librarians will engage with students at student equity centers and programs (e.g. DREAM Program, PRIDE Center). The librarian will provide information competency support, which could include tailored-research assistance for students, based on the needs of the center or program.

Short-term & Long-term Outcomes

• Empower students where they are

• Connect with a librarian for tailored research assistance at a center/program

• Develop research skills for student success

• Transfer learned skills and use them at the library

Campus Event Outreach

Campus Event Outreach is our last engagement action, action 3, and is considered a less urgent method. In this outreach method, a librarian would attend a specific student equity related event to serve as a representative of the Mt. SAC Library.

Short-term & Long-term Outcomes

• Empower students where they are

• Connect with a librarian first, then to the library


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How is planning done?

  • Group Participation 
  • Basecamp & Smartsheets = Project Management 

How is planning implemented into action? 

Mt. SAC Librarian Equity Frameworks - TBC

  • Team Collaboration Philosophy
  • Grass roots ideology
  • Feminist Practice
  • Critical Information Literacy Frameworks