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AmLa and ESL: Read

Mt. SAC Library resources that may be of interest to AmLa and ESL students.

Leveled Readers

The library has over 100 leveled readers! We have all levels, from starters to level 6. 

You will find the leveled readers in the 428 area of the library. Ask a library staff member if you would like help finding this section. 

Click here to see a list of our leveled readers.

leveled readers

Reading Comprehension Practice Books

Reading comprehension books usually have short essays or stories followed by questions. Test yourself and strengthen your reading comprehension skills by using these types of books. 

Click here to see a list of a few example reading comprehension books that are in the library.

Books in the Library

The library has thousands of books on many topics and at many reading levels. 

Ask your AmLa or ESL professor for books, authors, or genres that might be a good match for your level. A librarian will be happy to help you find those books in the library!


You can search the library catalog to find books in the library.

Popular Books - Small Section to Explore

One area that is small and easy to explore is called the McNaughton Collection. It has many popular fiction (imaginary stories like novels) and nonfiction (true stories like biographies, history, etc.) books. 

The McNaughton Collection is near the copier room in the library.