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Human Trafficking Reports


The Library has a number of video resources on the topic of Human Trafficking, these include streaming videos and DVDs. Check this list of titles.


"Trafficking involves the movement of persons to exploit their labor. Trafficking in persons is a form of slavery and encompasses debt bondage, peonage, and involuntary servitude. Historically, trafficking of women and children was associated with the capture of young women and girls for forced prostitution." (Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work, 2006, Call Number: REF 306.74 En19 v.1)

Related Topics

This topic also intersects with many other issues. Here are a few related topics that could be explored as a way to focus a topic (for example: labor migration and human trafficking):

  • immigration
  • prostitution/sex work
  • labor migration
  • child labor
  • globalization
  • poverty


Promises 1, by Salvation Army International Development (UK)


Portions of this guide were reproduced (with permission) from a LibGuide created by Broward College's Reference Department.

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