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Exhibit With Us!

Mt. SAC Library Exhibit Information and Application

Exhibition Guidelines

Exhibition Guidelines

Exhibitors agree to these guidelines by submitting an application to exhibit. 

Code of Conduct

All exhibitors and exhibitions must follow the Mt. SAC Standards of Conduct and reflect the Mt. SAC Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values. Any violation of these will result in immediate cancelation and removal of the exhibition. Any and all violations of the Mt. SAC Standards of Conduct will be reported to Student Life


Approved exhibitor(s) will install materials for exhibition on a month-by-month basis in the exhibit cases in the Mt. SAC Library.

Exhibition Schedule

All exhibitions are scheduled by calendar months, and on a month-by-month basis.

The exhibitor(s) shall have access for installation and de-installation during the time scheduled for exhibition. The exhibitor shall install and de-install material in a timely manner. 

The exhibitor(s) may be limited to access to the exhibition during Library open hours only, including time for installation and de-installation.

Exhibition Space

The exhibitor(s) will not permanently modify the exhibit cases. For example, no painting, holes, or adjustments to dimensions which alter or damage the exhibit cases.

The exhibit space does not provide electricity and exhibitors may not tamper with or alter the space to gain access to electricity. 

The exhibitor(s) may have access to a small amount of tools and/or materials provided by the Library, but this is not guaranteed and is dependent on the Library's Exhibit annual budget. 

The exhibitor(s) will be fully responsible for any damages to exhibition spaces. If there is any damage to the exhibition space, the exhibitor will immediately contact the Library Division Office at 909-274-5678.

Risk of Loss

The Library's exhibition space(s) are not climate controlled and are only function for basic viewing of physical objects and images or text. 

The Library does not offer insurance for any materials whatsoever and can not be held liable for loss or damage to any materials.


The exhibitor is responsible for securing any and all copyrights for materials used. The Library will not be responsible for any violation of copyright. 

The Library reserves the right to take images of exhibits for promotional, historical, and noncommercial purposes. 

Right of Cancelation

The Exhibit Committee or Division has the right to cancel an exhibition if these guidelines are not followed or if communication between the exhibitor and the Library ceases. 


For reasonable accommodations please contact us at least five 5 days prior to the set-up and take-down of exhibit materials.

Abandoned Items

For items that are not taken-down at the agreed upon time (abandoned items), the Exhibits Committee will remove all the items and store them for 30 days. If no one claims the items after due diligence of the committee to reach owners or the responsible party, the committee will deliver the items to the Campus Lost and Found. Please refer to "Risk of Loss" on this page as well.