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Library Research Workshops: For Faculty

Library Workshop program descriptions, schedule, and online sign-up form.

Information for Faculty


The Library’s research workshop program is based on current standards and practices in Information Competency instruction in higher education, the results of SLO assessment, and successful programs established at similar institutions.

The workshop series is designed for beginning college researchers. Many classes requiring students to evaluate and integrate a variety of reliable resources into their work may find the workshops valuable. View the workshop series. Workshops are 75 minutes long.

Drop-in library tours are also available to Mt. SAC students. Tours are 30 minutes long. 

Students can print out proof of completing library workshops and tours. 

We welcome collaborating with you to develop specialized workshops that focus on research in specific disciplines or using specialized resources. If you have an idea for a research workshop that would serve multiple courses or multiple sections of courses in your department, please contact LeAnn Garrett ( 

Workshop Schedule

We schedule on campus workshops at a variety of times in order to accommodate students' busy schedules. Open the Spring 2018 workshop calendar.

If you would like copies of the workshop calendar sent to you via campus mail for distribution to your classes, please contact Pauline Swartz ( 

New Online Option

The Finding and Evaluating Articles workshop and the Finding and Evaluating Books workshop are offered through Canvas. More information about the online workshops is available on the "Online Workshops" tab toward the top of this page.

Sign-ups and Verifying Student Participation

Students sign up for the on-campus workshops using an online form. Instructions on how to sign up for an on-campus workshop or tour are provided here. For online workshops, students use the self-enrollment feature in Canvas.

For the on-campus workshops, students print out proof of attendance after the workshop instructor has verified that the student has completed the research activities. A guide with instructions on how to print proof of completion is provided to students at the workshops. We no longer distribute verification cards

For the online workshops, students will receive an email at the address that they provide when they submit the assignment. The online assignment is accessible only if the student has completed the learning modules in the Canvas workshop. The emailed proof of completion will include the students' answers to their assignment. The assignment for the articles workshop asks students to write their topic, the title/author of an article found in a library database, and a short statement explaining why they selected the article. The assignment for the books workshop is similar but asks students to find a book on their topic in the library catalog. If you have questions about proof of completion, please contact Pauline Swartz at 

Credit Courses
In addition to the workshops, the Library Department offers credit courses. Please contact LeAnn Garrett ( if you are interested in linking with a LIBR course.


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